Target 1

Establishing technologies that enable the efficient production of sustainable plant resources

Target 2

Building a technological foundation to create sustainable materials that generate no waste through a circular design

Target 3

Social implementation of products that can prevent marine pollution caused by plastics

Program on open innovation platform for industry-academia co-creation by Japan Science and Technology Agency
Biomaterials Circular Platform


Co-creation Platform for Circular Economical System Supported by Completely Recyclable Plant-derived Polysaccharide Plastics

Our Technology

DNA polyploidization

Improvement of plant production by inducing DNA polyploidization

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Nitrogen fixation

Produce crops that are not dependent on fertilizer

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Bacterial cellulose nanofibers

production technology

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Agricultural cellulose esters

Innovations in
ionic liquid / Reactive

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Polysaccharide composite

Composite material made of BCNF and cellulosic resin or natural polysaccharide

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Impact evaluation

Innovation in values
Building a circular economy with polysaccharide bioplastic

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As part of the UN project - Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)

The project aims to realize a sustainable society through bioplastics. The project will contribute to the achievement of the following SDGs.

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